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Local Pool Companies in McKinney
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Local Pool Companies in McKinney

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Is it true that if you want a swimming pool that you should buy a house with one rather than put one in yourself?


Although you may think a swimming pool is way cool you should be very cautious about buying a home with one or putting one in yourself for a few reasons;

1-They are expensive to install. An in-ground is a job for a pro, it’s not a do-it-yourself weekend project. You can do an above ground yourself with a modicum of skills and if you know how to READ DIRECTIONS to save some dough however unless you go with a really top-shelf unit they are somewhat limited in size and depth. Also the costs are not going to stop there because once you have it up in all likelihood you are not going to like the looks of it so chances are you will build a deck of some sort around it for function and appearance. More money.

2-They are expensive to maintain, meaning *heat, clean and keeping the water at the right “balance” to prevent nasty stuff from growing in it and that requires testing the water and utilizing chemicals (in the proper proportions).

3-If you live in an area where you have “winter” they need to be properly shutdown. If not you are looking at a major mess, even significant damage in the spring.

4-They can be a legal liability should someone fall into your pool and drown, like a neighbor kid so per code in most areas you will need to secure the area with a fence and locking gate.

5-They can actually lower the resale value of your property. Some people already know the negatives that come with a pool and won’t even bother to look at a property that has one.

My advice; If you have your heart set on having a pool I would consider putting in an above ground (along with a nice deck) that when/if the time comes for you to sell your house you can take it down.

My son bought a house with a pool and was so proud he couldn’t wait to show it off to us. It was in the spring and was only half full (partially drained for winter was the explanation the sellers gave). Right away I saw there was some damage to the concrete around the pool and though oh oh. This doesn’t look good. When it got warm enough they filled it up but the next day the level was back down to where it was (keep in mind, they were on city water and had to pay per gallon). I called my cousin that owned a pool service company and asked him to come look at it.

After a few minutes of inspecting everything we asked for his opinion. He said to fill it in and either cover the whole thing with dirt/grass or build a deck over it. Minimum cost to repair the leak; $20,000. He said it only took a few years for a lot of his customers to regret installing a pool, particularly in-ground. I also told my son to get the last few water bills for the property.

It seems the bill spiked about four years earlier which was obviously when the leak started. After a few high months the bills went back to normal when they realized what it was going to cost them to repair it. And coincidentally they had been trying to sell the house for almost four years. I hate to say it but that’s how long it took to find a sucker.

*And don’t think even if you live in a warm part of the country you won’t have to pay for heating that pool. I was doing some educational programs in mid-Florida and one of the organizers offered me to stay in a house they owned so I brought the family. It had a pool but the water was so cold you couldn’t stand being in it for more than a few minutes, the Gulf of Mexico was actually warmer.

Plus something else you will notice in Florida; many of the homes that have a pool are in an enclosed screen house. Why…because when the wind blows you get a tremendous amount of leaves and other debris in the pool that needs to be cleaned out. What really sucks is when they get hit with a hurricane that first blows down the screen house then deposits truck loads of debris in the pool.

Think long and hard about this before you pull the trigger.

(Source: Quora)

What is the most expensive part of building a pool?


It will vary greatly.

It could be excavation if you are on hard soil and need to blast to get a hole. Or if the soil cannot support a poll and engineering like piles, cassions, piers are needed. Or if the access to the site is so small that standard digging equipment cant get to it. Or if you have to haul the dirt long distance or have to pay to unload the dirt.

It could be plumbing if you have a small pool with plumbing that meets the ICC pool and Spa Code. Or have an in-floor cleaning system.

It could be shotcrete (gunite). Especially if the pool is overdug and the engineer requires very high comperssive strength.

The finish products Coping, tile, decking and interior finish can make all the difference.

You can see why, I hesitate when people ask me how much a pool cost. Even a small pool can be very expensive and large pools can be affordable when making the right choices and have the right conditions

(Source: Quora)

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What do you need for pool cleaning?

It will cost a bit of money to maintain the pool throughout the summer, so be sure to include the cost of chemicals and cleaning tools when determining your budget for a pool.

It will cost a bit of money to maintain the pool throughout the summer, so be sure to include the cost of chemicals and cleaning tools when determining your budget for a pool. (BestReviews)

How to clean your pool

Backyard pools are a great addition to the home for the family. They provide hours of entertainment, keeping the kids moving, having fun and away from their screens.

But owning a backyard pool isn’t as simple as filling the pool with water and leaving it all summer. Pools require regular cleaning and maintenance to remain safe for use. Failing to maintain the pool can lead to an unstable water/chemical balance, as well as to problems with leaves and dirt in the pool.

Throughout the summer, you’ll need to maintain the pool through processes such as circulating the water, physically cleaning the water and pool surface and adjusting the chemistry of the water.

Important pool-cleaning tasks 

Circulating the water

To aid with cleaning the water in the pool, you need to circulate the water through a filter. For an aboveground pool, having a pump available helps to move the water effectively. The pump will sit outside the pool, connected to the water through tubes.

Most pools ship with a water circulation pump, but you may need to replace the pump at some point. Just be sure it matches the size of the pool you own. You also may need to occasionally replace the pump hoses that connect the pump to the pool.

You should operate the pump at least several hours per day. You can operate the pump while people are swimming, or you can run it overnight.

Some pumps have a cleaning filter inside them that you'll need to replace regularly. When selecting a replacement filter, make sure that it's compatible with your circulation system.

Another option is a skimmer basket and a skimmer sock attached to the pump system. This will catch much of the debris before it reaches the filter and pump. Just clean out the skimmer sock and basket occasionally. They need to fit your pump system properly.

Adding chemicals to balance the water

With a backyard pool, you will need to regularly add chemicals to keep the water’s balance at a clean and safe level. With a small kiddie pool, you could simply empty the pool and add new water once or twice a week. But with an above ground pool, the amount of water is too large to change so often, so adding chemicals is the better solution.

Without the chemicals, the pool water may end up with a number of problems, including:

  • Cloudy water
  • Unwanted odors
  • Green algae formation
  • Mildew formation

Finding these items in the water can indicate a buildup of dangerous bacteria and other items, making the pool unsafe for use. The addition of chemicals can counteract the formation of these dangerous materials, leaving the water safe.

Before adding chemicals, you should test the water. Pool test strips or pool test kits will indicate which chemicals you should add for the proper water balance. By testing the water, you can add the precise amount of chemicals you need, rather than wasting chemicals by adding unnecessary items or too much of any one chemical.

Pool-cleaning chemicals

HTH Chlorinating Tablets: available at Amazon
Chlorine is an important additive for a swimming pool because it keeps the water clean by destroying harmful bacteria and by eliminating the formation of algae. With the HTH product, just add one tablet per week to treat up to 10,000 gallons of water.

HTH Super Shock Treatment: available at Amazon and Home Depot
When the water is cloudy and measures low on chlorine, you can bring the water up to the proper levels quickly with this shock product. Just apply a tablet for a quick adjustment within 24 hours.

Pool Mate pH Up: available at Amazon and Home Depot
Adjusting the pool's chemical balance sometimes requires adding pH to bring it to an ideal number of around 7.5 ppm. Low pH settings cause other chemicals, such as chlorine, to work less effectively. High pH settings can cause the formation of cloudy water.

Pool Mate Metal Out Mineral Remover: available at Amazon and Home Depot
If your measurements show you have too much hardness in the water, such as metals and calcium, this product will return the balance in the water, while also reducing staining on the pool's surfaces. Test kits measure calcium in the water, which should be around 250 ppm.

Clorox Alkalinity Increaser: available at Amazon
When the pool water has a low level of alkalinity, it affects the pH levels in the water, throwing off the balance. Alkalinity should measure around 100 ppm.

Cleaning the pool and water

There are numerous tasks you should perform regularly when it comes to physically cleaning the pool. Brushes, nets and vacuums will help you keep your pool cleaner, removing items that chemicals cannot correct or remove.

Scrubbing the bottom of the pool every few days will prevent sediment and algae from building up in this area. A swimming pool scrub brush on the end of a pole can help you reach the bottom of the pool without having to climb inside the pool. A hand sized pool brush can help you effectively clean the sides of the pool or the ladder.

Another option for cleaning the bottom of the pool is a pool vacuum. It runs along the bottom surface of the pool, pulling in sand and dirt, which are difficult to remove with a net. It runs like a vacuum you'd use in the house on carpet, pulling debris from the bottom of the pool through a connected hose and into a container.

To remove debris floating on the surface of the water, such as fallen leaves, a skimmer on a pole simplifies the job. For items near the bottom of the pool or floating underwater, a skimmer net on a pole may be the better choice. You may have to purchase the pole separately for these skimmers.

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