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Local Pool Companies in Frisco
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Local Pool Companies in Frisco

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Local Pool Companies in Frisco FAQ

Local Pool Companies in Frisco

How often is the water in a swimming pool completely changed?


If you have a pump that needs to be backwashed periodically (sand filter), you can get by with never changing your pool water as long as you can keep it from turning very green (usually in the fall, but can be the spring too). The backwashes prevent excessive mineral build-up since the process of backwashing is essentially a partial water change (AZ water is very hard and high evaporation rate in summer).

I’m not a water chemistry perfectionist. My pool chemistry is horrible compared to most people. Anything that is not green is fine for me though. A gallon of acid (plaster pools in AZ go up in PH not down) and a full bucket of cheap (non-stabilized) chlorine and 4–6 pounds of the good chlorine in the spring (4–6 weeks before water gets warm enough for swimming; quite lethal to all life in the water, nasty fumes) and a pound or so of the good-stuff chlorine (triple in cost as the cheap stuff) once a week with four tablets in the floater thereafter. Around October-November, dump whats left of the good-chlorine bucket in and the pool will mostly keep itself clean on tablets only with an over-the-weekend pump-run without any effort from you. I have a booster pump that makes vacuuming not needed but I try to run it only an hour or two per week.

You can even fix your own algea infestations if not too severe - throw in lots of chlorine (simple unstabilized straight-chlorine is cheap - $60 for 40 gallon bucket, a pool guy is $90 per month - buy one and dump it all in - renders the water lethal for several days and unswimmable for two weeks or so but no expensive chemicals or professionals needed) and keep the pump running (chlorine alone won’t fix, need multiple backwashes per day on first 2 days - pressures climb fast when there’s a mass algea extermination occuring). You only get severe infestations only if your pump breaks and you procrastinate in fixing it. Those do need professional help and its not cheap.

(Source: Quora)

How deep should I make my swimming pool?


I would really question the wisdom of the traditional California backyard pool design: 3.5 foot deep shallow end, 8.5 foot deep deep end, and a ramp between them. The ramp is limited to a 1:3 slope. The problem with this design is that to get a deep enough deep end (12 feet), one where you really don't have to worry about bonking the bottom, you need a really long pool, 45 to 50 feet long.

The ramp is the biggest problem. It sucks up a lot of space and itself is neither a wadable shallow end nor a divable deep end.

Consider instead having the majority of the pool 12 feet deep, with an 18–24″ deep bench running the entire length of the swimming pool on one side. That'll force your pool to be at least 18′ wide, since the diving area must be 16′ wide. This is what little kids want when they are learning to swim. The 3.5 feet deep area may as well be 12 feet deep for them. Have a rectangular outline so that an automatic cover is easy. Inset a hot tub and a wading area on the end away from the diving board. Ensure that you've got a flat wall to flip turn off on the end away from the diving board.

Bottom line: if you have a diving board, make it 12 or even 14 feet deep. If not, six feet should do it. But I wouldn't build a backyard pool without a diving board.

(Source: Quora)

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Local businesses prepare for pool supplies shortage

  • SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)-- Stores around western Mass. are bracing for a big shortage in swimming pool supplies.

“I don't think I could ever live without a pool,” Chicopee resident David Carter said.

A shortage in pool supplies in the area could get in the way of residents like Carter enjoying a summer of swimming.

"Nothing is better than a pool when you start getting this hot heavy weather. You got grandkids, kids and grandkids. You'll enjoy it,” Carter said.

We heard about the supply issues, so Western Mass News went to Teddy Bear Pools to get answers.

“Anything that is being manufactured in a plant or a factory it seems like is feeling the crunch,” Glen Swiatlowski, lab manager at Teddy Bear Pools said.

Swiatlowski said the COVID-19 pandemic impacted both domestic and international production, causing a shortage of pool supplies like chemicals and wall lining.But those aren't the only things in short supply.

“Everybody thinks its chemicals, but steel, lumber, plastic, liners are plastic, you know like they're all gonna be in short supply,” Swiatlowski said.

Swiatlowski said he's not seeing many people stocking up ahead of time yet, but certain weather patterns could change that.

“If it's 40 degrees out, they're gonna keep the pool closed. And as soon as mother nature wakes up, they'll come in in groves,”

Swiatlowski said.

Swiatlowski is prepared to run out of supplies like shock, which is crucial in keeping your pool swimmable.

“We'll try as hard as possible to get a resupply, but it's out of our hands in a lot of cases. It's gonna be first come, first serve with a lot of things,” Swiatlowski said.

(Source: Western Mass News)

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