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Local Pool Companies in Prosper

What is the best way to keep pool water clean without completely draining it.


The easiest way would be to “floc” the swimming pool.

Floc is short for flocculant. The chemical grabs all of the particles causing your pool to be cloudy and causes them to stick together. The combined weight causes them to sink to the bottom of the pool. The sinking process is called sedementation. You're not worried about all that, though.

So how do you floc?

First thing you need to do is make sure you get as much of the leaves and sludge out as possible. A blind vacuum wouldn't hurt depending on how bad the pool is.

Next you're going to want baking soda and a lot of it. If you go with a pool store, they will be able to sell you bulk baking soda for far cheaper than at walmart. You're going to want to add 10-15lbs of baking soda per 10,000 gallons. Most people leave this step out, and that is why it never works for them.

You will also need floc. You can find it online or at a local pool store. Different brands are going to be a little different, but I generally used one bottle per 10,000-15,000 gallons depending on how bad the individual pool was. E-Z Clor Drop Out Pool Calrifier 50-1076

Note, the link says clarifier, but it isn’t a clarified. It is a flocculant. Two completely different things. People at a pool store will most likely know this, but keep an eye out if you shop online.

Turn the swimming pool completely off, and add your baking soda. I normally just slowly pour it in by a return jet in the pool. Just be sure to pour it as close to the surface as you can. Now you're going to want to pour the flocc around the pool. Maybe squirting it towards the center. It doesn't really matter because the water is moving a whole lot more than it seems. The bottle and most people will tell you to run the pool for two hours, but it is pointless. You just need to make sure you add your soda and enough floc.

If the pool is green and nasty I would also add 10-15lbs of Calhypo shock. Add it like you normally would an hour or two before you add the floc and baking soda.

After 12-24 hours the pool should be crystal clear with a thick layer of crud on the bottom. Vacuum the pool to waste. The particles are still extremely light and tend to float up while you vacuum. If this happens, leave your pool off and let it “drop" again. Vacuum again and repeat as necessary.

If the pool didn't fully drop the first time, vacuum what you can see and add more another bottle of floc with 5-10lbs of baking soda just to be safe. It is practically free it is so cheap. We were selling it at $0.35 a pound.

If you would post some pictures and tell me how many gallons you have, I can give you some more personalized help. Just remember, this is one scenario where too much is better than too little.

What could I fill my kid's pool with, besides chlorine, to keep the water clean? It is an 8 ft pool and I don't want to change the water each day.


You can use multiple types of chlorine to sanitize your pool. The easiest is a chemical called sodium dichloroisocyanurate which is found in many quick dissolving granular pool sanitizers.

But there are NO practical methods of sanitizing tiny kiddie pools other than chlorine.

The UV or ozone systems mentioned in one answer would cost MANY TIMES more than your entire 8′ diameter pool . . . and are only marginally effective.

The answers that claim you can sanitize with salt are completely incorrect! If simple salt were a sanitizer, the oceans would be sterile and empty of life!

Salt IS added to pools as the chemical precursor of pool chlorine, in pools which have a SWCG, or salt water chlorine generator, which converts the salt (sodium chloride) into regular pool chlorine.

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Rent out your pool and swim in profits? Check your insurance before diving in


Jessica Dickler@JDICKLER


  • Renting out your own pool has turned into a lucrative side hustle during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Before you jump in, check your homeowner’s policy and local ordinances for potential pitfalls.

Meet the ‘Airbnb for pools’: Swimply dives into the stay-at-home market

Along with Clorox wipes and toilet paper, the demand for backyard swimming pools has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic.

Across the country, swimming pool and hot tub suppliers struggled to meet a sudden wave of demand. But putting in a pool is a pricey proposition, and not everyone who wanted to swim could build their own backyard oasis.

That gave Ned Gilardino an idea.

He has a pool his three older children rarely use. In 2019, he listed it on Swimply — like an Airbnb for swimming pools — so families near his Aurora, Colorado, home could rent the space for an hour or two.

Ned Gilardino rents his heated saltwater pool in Aurora, Colorado, for $60 an hour during the summer months.

Ned Gilardino rents his heated saltwater pool in Aurora, Colorado, for $60 an hour during the summer months.

Source: Swimply

At the outset, there weren’t too many bites. Then the coronavirus crisis shuttered public pools along with everything else. “Suddenly around this time last year, I started getting emails,” Gilardino said.

By June, Gilardino’s backyard was fully booked as families scrambled to find Covid-friendly activities. He even started a waitlist that grew to 90 names. “It was absolutely wild,” he said.

As a retired teacher, Gilardino was on hand to greet guests and clean up in between appointments. He even walled off the lower floor so guests could use the bathroom and basement for changing without accessing the main part of house. He also added backyard games like bocce and touted his firepit.

By the end of the season, Gilardino had made roughly $50,000, he said.

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There was a pent-up demand for what we were offering,” said Asher Weinberger, co-founder and chief operating officer of Swimply. “We succeeded in some ways because Covid made us a more relevant story.

Weinberger estimates the business grew more than 4,000% last year. Swimply is now active in every state in the country.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 pools listed on the site, many of which cost less than $100 an hour to rent. (Gilardino charges $60 an hour for up to five people on weekends and $45 an hour for weekdays, but discounts are available for multiple bookings.)

Swimply Pool rental

Swimply co-founder Asher Weinberger next to his rental pool in Valley Stream, New York.

Leroy Jackson | CNBC

Swimply’s web platform facilitates the booking and payment process and then charges hosts and renters a fee. 

Admittedly, insurance was an issue, according to Weinberger, who also rents out his own pool on the platform. The company now uses a third-party insurer to provide coverage for hosts, and and renters must sign a waiver that indemnifies the pool owner should any accidents occur.

Still, “it may not cover all the gaps,” cautioned Eric Kollevoll, owner of Kollevoll & Associates, an independent insurance agency in Pennington, New Jersey.

Kollevoll advises hosts to carefully review that policy with their own insurance carrier and check that it covers casualty losses in addition to property damage. “Make sure medical payments are included in the case someone gets injured,” he added.

It’s one thing to have good insurance and it’s another thing to not get sued.

Pierson Backes


“There are various scenarios where losses can occur, and they are more frequent around pools.”

Buy extra coverage where you can, he suggested. “The homeowner should be aware that there are significant risks.”

“It’s one thing to have good insurance and it’s another thing to not get sued,” said Pierson Backes, a partner at the law firm Backes and Backes, also located in Pennington.

Beyond insurance, “pools themselves are terrifying, from a legal point of view,” he said.

There’s reason to be concerned that this could change the designation from a family use backyard pool to a semi-public one, according to Backes. That brings a new level of liability, which may mandate certain signage, self-closing gates or rescue equipment — in addition to abiding by Covid-related restrictions, he said.

Further, depending on the municipality, there could be an ordinance that restricts renting out a portion of your house or property as an amenity.

“I would love to see more shared resources,” Backes said. “But from a liability vantage, I just can’t imagine trying to navigate that.

“You are walking in a minefield, for sure.”

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